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Why choose the CELTA Qualification?

The ‘Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults’ (CELTA) is probably the most recognised ELT (TEFL/TESOL) certificate in the world. It is certainly the most sought-after by employers internationally, and recent research has shown that 70% of advertisements for English language teachers require a CELTA certificate. The course itself is a functional qualification that provides trainees with the necessary knowledge, techniques, methodologies and classroom confidence to securely move on to teaching English as a second/other language (TESOL) in a range of different institutions. The CELTA course in Siem Reap is ideal for recent university graduates, teachers who would like to improve their career options or move on to higher learning, and those with little or no previous teaching experience who feel ready for a career change.

Why choose the CELTA?

• To build a strong footing in English language teaching (TEFL/TESOL) for your future career.
• To receive professional training and constructive critique on your teaching.

• CELTA is recognised as a Level 5 Qualification and is accredited by Cambridge CELTA as well as international bodies such as NEAS in Australia.

CELTA shows potential employers that graduates have:
Demonstrated the ability to apply their learning in real-world teaching contexts.
• G
ained crucial knowledge of the principles of current English teaching practices.
• Developed a variety of real-world skills for teaching English to adult students.
• Gained the ability to begin working in a range of global English Language Teaching (ELT) schools.

Trainee Testimonial

“Within a few weeks of graduating
from the program, I was able to
secure employment with an
international school.”

Trainee Testimonial

“It is tremendous value for the
cost of the course: a good
investment that I'm glad I made.”