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IDP Education established the Australian Centre for Education, ‘ACE’, in February 1992. The school has since grown to become a major provider of English Language Training (ELT) in Cambodia and a leader in the provision of academic English and pre-departure programs. Over 1 000 students are sponsored to study at ACE by UN agencies, embassies, local and international NGOs, private companies, and philanthropic individuals and organisations.

The mission of ACE is to lead the delivery of high quality English language training in Cambodia and the region. ACE carries out this mission by maintaining an active professional development program for its staff, including facilitating the international CamTESOL conference, and through making decisions based on empirical evidence of student achievement.

ACE is accredited by the National ELT Accreditation Scheme (NEAS).

ACE offers the following English language training programs:
  • Children’s Program (CP)
  • Young Learners’ Program (YLP)
  • General English Program (GEP)
  • Diploma in English (DIP)
  • IELTS Preparation and Orientation

Click HERE for more information about ACE’s English language training programs.

ACE Academic Year
ACE operates on the basis of four academic terms of 45 hours each per year:
  • Term 1: January - March
  • Term 2: April - June
  • Term 3: July - September
  • Term 4: September – December
Student sponsorship at ACE
The student sponsorship scheme allows individuals or groups to assist with the cost for students wishing to study at ACE.

Tuition fees are able to be paid for any number of students to study for a single term of 45 hours tuition in advance with ACE’s student sponsorship scheme.

What programs can students be sponsored for?
Any number of students can be sponsored to study in any of the programs currently available at ACE Phnom Penh Santhor Mok, ACE Phnom Penh Samdech Pan, ACE Tuol Tom Poung, ACE Tuol Kork or ACE Siem Reap. Each program is comprised of sequential steps in classes that are predominantly offered in part-time mode, usually three lessons a week of 1.5 hours each (3 x 1.5 hours a week = 4.5 hours a week. 10 x 4.5 hours a week = 45 hours a term). A term of study is 10 weeks.

There is no limit on the time students can be sponsored but the online payment system at present allows payment for only one term at a time. Sponsors must return to the site prior to every term to renew their sponsorship.

Please note that the IELTS Orientation course (orientation to test format only) is 15 hours only.

Procedure for Sponsoring Students at ACE

After a student has the result of the Placement Test, the sponsor proceeds with online payment. Once payment has been received, ACE contacts the sponsored student to enrol. Sponsors pay in advance of the start of the term.

ACE emails students’ performance reports to sponsors twice a term. The Mid-Term Report, after five weeks of study, displays sponsored students’ attendance to mid-term. The End of Term Report displays students’ test scores, level of class participation, homework and overall attendance for the full term.
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