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The ACE Diploma in English is designed for all students, current and aspiring professionals, business executives and those who want to perfect their English through a wide variety of challenging and interesting subject matter and materials.

For those of you who wish to take advantage of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), the ACE Diploma in English will provide you with sophisticated communication skills at a level to prepare you for the demands of working at an international level.

The ACE Diploma in English will ensure you have the necessary English language skills to undertake studies abroad, especially in the Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the USA and the UK, and to study at higher education institutions in Cambodia. The course has been designed to prepare students for both entry and course requirements for undergraduate and post-graduate studies in English-speaking environments, both at home and abroad.

The ACE Diploma in English is a modular course, which can be structured to suit your needs by combining units from the three streams: English for Study Abroad (Academic), English for Business Leaders, and English for Emerging Leaders.


ACE awards a variety of certificates at different levels for its Diploma in English:

 1. You will receive a certificate for every complete course you complete. Note that if a course has two parts, e.g Academic Reading and Vocabulary, then you will need to complete both parts.

 2. The ACE Certificate of Advanced English is awarded upon completion of 6 Diploma in English courses.

 3. The ACE Diploma in English is awarded upon completion of 12 Diploma in English courses, as well as an overall IELTS score of 6.5, with no macro skill band score less than 6. An IELTS test is offered free-of-charge to Diploma students who have completed 11 Diploma courses.

 4. The ACE Advanced Diploma in English is awarded upon completion of 18 Diploma in English courses.

Download Diploma handbook click: here