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IDP Education (Cambodia) within its schools, the Australian Centre of Education (ACE) employs approximately 135 expatriate academic and management staff and 77 Cambodian academic staff in Phnom Penh, and approximately 20 expatriate and 11 Cambodian academic staff in Siem Reap. The majority of the expatriate staff are native English-speaking teachers and all are qualified as teachers of English as a Second or Foreign Language. Expatriate academic staff come from many countries, with a large majority from Australia, the UK, and North America.

All expatriate teachers have a degree plus an approved ESL qualification and meet NEAS International Standards. Cambodian teachers of English are qualified with a Bachelor of Education in English. All have participated in ACE's team-teaching and professional development program.

IDP Education (Cambodia) also maintains an active teacher exchange program with international standard language schools in Southeast Asia and also with Australian universities. The staff from these institutions help to ensure that ACE is current in its practices and that it operates at an international level of expectations in the classroom.