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It is possible to sponsor one or more students to study at ACE. Students may be sponsored in each of the programs that are available to the public at the various campuses of ACE.

Procedure for Sponsoring Students at ACE

If a student is enrolling at ACE for the first time, she/he must sit a Placement Test to ascertain the appropriate level at which to commence study.  Students should bring their original ID card, birth certificate, family book or passport and a passport sized photo.  When sitting the Placement Test, students must also provide ACE with the sponsor’s full name and email and telephone contact details.
When the result of the Placement Test is known, ACE will contact the sponsor by email to confirm the identity of the student(s), provide the sponsor with the ACE Student ID number(s) and inform the sponsor of the cost of study and materials.
Next, the sponsor is requested to pay for the assigned course(s) and materials, quoting both the full name of the student(s) and the relevant ACE Student ID number(s). This will allow the student(s) to enrol and begin studying.

If the student is re-enrolling at ACE i.e. an ongoing student, the sponsor is requested to inform ACE by email of the full name and ACE Student ID number(s).  ACE will also require the sponsor’s full name, email and telephone contact details.  ACE will advise the sponsor by email of the student’s current level of study.


Credit Card: Payment may be made by credit card through IDP Education’s online payments system, hosted by National Australia Bank (NAB). 

Click here to pay online

Cash: ACE accepts cash payments in USD from sponsors or sponsored students at each campus. Sponsored students paying in cash should inform ACE of their sponsored status so that the sponsors’ details can be recorded for the purpose of receiving attendance and academic reports.
Cheque: ACE accepts cheque payments drawn on Cambodian banks only. Payment by cheque must be made in person; cheques are not accepted by post.

Wire transfer: ACE accepts direct wire transfers. Please note that the sponsor is responsible for all transfer fees.

N.B. ACE does not accept the following methods of payment:

• Cash in any currency other than Riel and USD
• Cheques sent by post
• Bank drafts
• MOTO credit card system 

Monitoring Student Progress

ACE emails student reports to sponsors twice a term. The Mid-Term Report, after five weeks of study, displays sponsored students’ attendance to mid-term. The End of Term Report displays students’ test scores, level of class participation, homework and overall attendance for the full term. ACE will also ask the sponsor in the email accompanying the End of Term Report, whether the sponsor wishes to continue sponsoring the student(s) and advise the appropriate study level for the following term

Contact Details

ACE Phnom Penh

Name: Ms. Holl Dary
Position: Client Service Assistant Manager
Phone: 023 218 318

ACE Siem Reap
Name: Ms. Mut Sokphach
Position: Client Service Assistant Manager
Phone: 063 766 434