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ACE teachers and students do a lot of work in the classroom to improve their reading ability. However, reading for fun outside of the classroom is also an excellent way to rapidly increase student’s English skills.

Therefore, ACE initiated Book Club (BC) to provide its students with more opportunities to read enjoyable and informative books in their free time. There are over 1000 titles of graded readers at the Book Club which are classified according to ACE study programs and by levels. Graded readers are easy readers which provide opportunities for relaxing and enjoyable reading.

Students who spend time reading regularly can significantly improve their overall level of English since the more they read, the more they can improve their reading, writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary, understanding, and confidence.

For more information, please access "http://acegilcentre/book_club.html" from any ACE computer or please ask at the Book Club at the ground floor of ACE SM and SP, on the first floor of ACE TTP, or on the second floor of ACE SR.