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About the Program 

The ASA program was established in 2014 to provide leadership experience and skills development opportunities to competitively selected ACE students. ACE’s Student Ambassadors are given the opportunity to participate in and contribute to internal and external ACE activities. Each year, approximately five ACE students from each ACE campus are selected to represent the school for a mandate of one year.

The ASA program aims to:  

  • provide valuable skills development opportunities
  • assist the school to manage the increasing demand for representation in a variety of initiatives
  • build greater awareness of the school and its programs
  • develop the ASAs’ leadership and other soft skills through their involvement in the planning and on-site management of ACE events
  • provide a current ACE student perspective to the IDP/ACE Social Committee

The role of each ambassador is to: 

  • work with young people to encourage and motivate them to commence, continue and complete their studies successfully
  • actively participate in major school events, information sessions, school visits and other activities
  • meet and help visitors to ACE (parents, prospective students and representatives from other educational institutions)
  • provide students and parents with information on ACE’s programs, student services and other activities
ACE Student Ambassadors 2019-2023 Generation

Teng Sopheaknika

Apart from being a freshman at IISPP and an ACE Diploma student, joining ACE student ambassadorship would enrich my experience, adding more value to my curriculum vitae. This initiative tailors opportunities and hands-on experience that can strengthen my interpersonal skills, leadership, creativity and teamwork. I have never doubted for a second that being selected as an ASA and actively supporting various events is one of my biggest achievements.


Teng Vong Vorakboth

ASA is such an impactful initiative in which I can enhance my leadership and communication skills. Supporting various CSR and educational events, I have gained more confidence in communicating with others and joining force to achieve team’s goals. My mandate as ASA is very valuable and memorable. Fun fact about me is that I love singing although my friends do not love listening to my voice and laughing hysterically is my secret talent.


Ngoun Kanary

Throughout my mandate as ASA, I am very delighted that I have gained self-development and skill-enhancement. This initiative has brought me numerous opportunities to boost my leadership, connect with other young talented ambassadors, exchange ideas and improve my soft skills. I am proud to be a part of the team, actively supporting activities that best serve community through ACE’s CSR initiatives and events.


Ly Solin

I am very thankful of what ACE Student Ambassadorship has positively impacted my personal, academic and professional life. The aspects of becoming one of the ASAs has helped me to be more active and confident to express my ideas clearly. The moments I have as an ASA are fun, engaging, and educational.


Kuong Sok Ken

I used to be a guy who disliked stepping outside of his comfort zone, but I made the decision to join ASA. The program gave me the tools I needed to reinvent a healthy version of myself. I've gained a lot of new friends since becoming an ASA, have learnt a lot, and most importantly, I've seen myself achieve challenges that I wouldn't dare take on as my old self.


Soun Sokheang

One of the most fulfilling experiences of my life was serving as an ACE Student Ambassador. I chose to become an ACE Student Ambassador primarily out of love and gratitude for ACE. I received many benefits and opportunities to learn and experience a different perspective on myself, school, and society as an ACE Student Ambassador. I used to detest going out to socialize, but ASA has taught me and altered my perspective. I like connecting with people now and finding new friends.


Kim Sovannary

One of the greatest opportunities I've ever had was joining the ASA program. It enables me to develop my soft skills as well as my knowledge and social networking skills, all of which will be advantageous to me as a future leader. Despite the increased difficulties, I'll put in a lot of effort with my team to give everyone at ACE an exciting and memorable experience.


Chhorm Sovanroza

One of my greatest accomplishments is being an ASA, which I can proudly present. I do think that honing soft skills is just as crucial as honing hard talents. I enrolled in the ASA program for that reason. Working in different work contexts is a fantastic way to improve leadership, teamwork, and communication abilities. The abilities I have acquired during my mandate are something that I sincerely aspire to share with others.


Rik Sopheakro

I joined ASA to develop my interpersonal skills and gain leadership experience. Yet it went beyond what I had expected. Being an ASA member at the time was exhilarating as I met new people and explored environments. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, I was only able to assist with several graduation ceremonies. I had a great time working as an ASA, and I intend to keep up with a wider perspective.


Sav Vattanak

I'm a freshman majoring in interior design and an ACE student at Limkokwing. I consider it a great honor to have been chosen as an ACE Student Ambassador (ASA), and I have learned many new skills along the way, including leadership and interacting with individuals from all backgrounds. Despite all the difficulties, I now have a greater understanding of social issues owing to this program, and I now have the chance to help the community and school.


Duch Sarita

For me, being an ASA means more than simply representing myself as an ACE student; it means being a helpful person who assists friends, classmates, the school, and others. In addition, one of the reasons I became an ASA was to broaden my horizons by engaging in volunteer activity and meeting new people. I'm happy because ACE has helped me learn a lot through school activities and school projects. Fun fact about me: I would travel to Sydney, Australia, if I could go anywhere in the world.


Duch Kimlux

I chose to register in the ASA program in order to develop my leadership, communication, and operational understanding skills. I gained a lot of knowledge and refined my ASA throughout the entire process. I've learned more and made some incredible friends. Being a part of this program has inspired me to venture outside of my comfort zone and attempt new things. Being an ASA here has been an incredible and valuable experience. I'm fairly proud to say that I've learnt a lot and have experienced a lot compared to who I was before joining ASA and who I am now.


Sina Boraliday

My leadership and communication skills were able to grow thanks to the ASA Program's many beneficial advantages and chances. My behaviors and comprehension have also been significantly influenced by this training. I used to be afraid of making decisions on my own and interacting with new people; as a result, I would not dare to participate in any volunteer program without people I know. But, the ASA program encourages me to step outside of my comfort zone, which helps me improve and gain more confidence. With this program, I have developed friendships with many people I met at school activities.


Pech Saoreaksa

The finest accomplishment I've made so far this year was being chosen as an ASA, which has enabled me to gain the knowledge and abilities I'll need for my future profession. I want to use my ASA experience to become more involved in community and learn about local charitable endeavors. I pledge to never stop being such a great advocate of ACE, the students, and the larger community. Also, I'll take initiatives and promote for eco-friendly behavior. Along with other ASAs, I'll work diligently and responsibly to plan these activities that call for immediate human action to reverse the effects of climate change.


Sin Sowathama

I first joined ASA in 2020 and currently I am taking a Diploma course at ACE Samdech Pan. I am also pursing a degree in Dentistry at the University of Puthisastra. My view on careers and employment was significantly improved by joining ASA, in addition to my student experience. During my mandate, I was able work with so many well-educated people in a very professional etiquette. I gained more confidence talking to people, understood more about the importance of teamwork and leadership, it changed my perspective of what being a leader is like. PS: I don’t really like writing, but once I do, I can’t stop it and that’s how I got this long, but short paragraph about myself.

ACE Student Ambassadors 2018-2019 Generation

Yean Solinda

This is a great opportunity to improve my communication skills and transform myself to be a more involved and more sociable person. I believe this program will help me to be a leader in the future. Working with each other and sharing experiences will build good relationships within the team. I look forward to this joyful and valuable experience.


Sang Ponhak Kheth

As an ASA, I want to improve my leadership skills and my community. I hope to become more sociable and make friends with the people around me. I also hope that as a team, we can achieve a lot of good results!


Pheng Ang

I study at ACE Tuol Tom Poung. As an ASA, I am not only representing the school, but also ACE students. Despite new challenges that will come my way, I promise to give it my best and never give up. I know for sure that from now on, my life will be different as I encounter many new people and gain new experiences.


Ki Monineath

I’m studying at American Intercon School (AIS). As an ASA, I hope to improve my leadership and networking skills, take part in many social events and learn more about social issues.


Kim Sovann

I am a sophomore at CamEd Business School and have also been studying at ACE for one year. I was astonished to be selected as an ASA for 2019. The ASA program gives me a golden opportunity to explore myself throughout the year. I look forward to developing personally, becoming a more flexible problem-solver and unlocking my potential with the ASA program. I also expect to develop my leadership, teamwork and communication skills.


Heng Nengheang

I currently study Khmer at Interak Devi High School. I am excited to be an ASA because I can learn more about ACE events. This year I hope I improve my communication and leadership skills. There’s one quote that always gives me chills: Work hard in silence; let success make the noise.


Choeng Kimleng

I am currently a freshman at Paññasastra University (PUC) majoring in Information Technology. I was astonished when I got the email saying I had been chosen to be an ASA. I am expecting to develop my leadership and communication skills.


Soun Ratana Somany

As an ASA I have already learned many things and have improved my leadership and partnership skills. I also feel more comfortable to communicate with strangers. Being an ASA gives me the opportunity to change myself and become a better version of myself.


Rov Hongseng

I am a student at Bak Touk High School. Being selected as one of the ACE Student Ambassadors is an opportunity for self-improvement. I can develop my creativity, time management and interpersonal skills, as well as my work ethic, through organising various ACE events. This program will give me a better understanding of social issues and the chance to contribute to the school and our community.


Em Poksopheaktra

I’m a freshman at Royal University of Law and Economics and also a freshman at CJL (Education and Research Centre for Japanese Law). I hope to work in a different environment and I’m also excited to meet and make friends. Therefore, I hope to learn leadership, problem solving, team cooperation and social skills with others from this program. I want to become a better version of myself. I hope this is going to be one of the best experiences in my life and I’m looking forward to it.


Nguon Kim

I am currently a freshman student majoring in Business Administration at the American University of Phnom Penh. I am also in a Diploma Program at ACE Santhor Mok. I am looking forward to facing lots of challenges and learning new lessons from this program. Moreover, I hope my journey with the ASAs will allow me to activate and develop my leadership skills as well as to meet a lot of new people. I can't wait to serve as a bridge to connect the ACE community.


Lim Phei Eur

I'm currently a freshman at Paragon International University. As an ASA, I am looking forward to tackling challenges, meeting new people, and learning from them as well. I would like to see how much I'll grow this year. But most importantly, I want to do my best and enjoy my time during this mandate, and be able to look back and say, ‘I’m glad I was a part of this’.


Dyna Tithya Van

I'm a freshman at Royal University of Fine Arts (RUFA) and a student at ACE Samdech Pan. I am really excited to be an ASA because I want to improve my English and leadership skills. I hope I can improve these skills and have fun with the team. I also hope I can work for my society by supporting the planning of ACE events.”


Keo Sophanich

I am currently a student at Norton University. Being an ASA will give me a lot of experience such as understanding social issues, communicating with other people, working in groups, and improving my leadership skills.


Seng Sereyvuth

I'm currently studying ACE Tuol Tom Poung and IFL, majoring in International Studies. As an ASA, I will encounter people from ministries or embassies. I hope to improve my communication and speaking skills, and build networks with different people around the world. I hope I can play an important role in building human resources for the country by raising awareness via fundraising for events related to education, the environment and other sectors.


Sambath Thearavattey

I'm currently a freshman at the Institute of Foreign Languages and CamEd Business School. I strongly believe that being an ASA will help me to improve my leadership, time management, problem solving and communication skills. Moreover, I can participate in ACE events, which will give me a lot of new experiences. I will also have the chance to work with energetic people and get to know them.


Khut Sopanha

I was so excited when I found out I had been selected as an ASA. So far, I’ve worked with a group of people who have made me more confident to speak publicly. I look forward to helping the community through ACE events.


Xiaoyue Chen

I graduated from Hebei Normal University in China. As one of the Chinese language teacher volunteers, I'm attracted to the education system at ACE, so I applied to be an ASA to learn more about ACE and IDP. Since I am not very good at communicating in English, I hope I can improve my spoken English, as well as my communication skills through this program.


Chheang Sopheakreach

I am currently a student at Angkor High School. I am very excited to be part of this program. I wish to develop my communication, leadership and teamwork skills during my mandate.”


Eam Samnang

I am a student at Angkor High School. I'm excited about what the ASA program has in store this year, and I expect to learn a lot from this mandate. I hope to develop my communication and leadership skills, meet new people, and plan and attend events with my ASA colleagues.


Vin Sok Ponloue

I study in ACE’s Diploma Program and am a student at Arizon School. I look forward to learning new skills for my future, such as leadership, teamwork and management. My main aims are to promote ACE’s amazing learning environment, and to tell others about the importance of education.


Tatiana Menshikova

I am excited to participate in this program because there are a lot of activities that promote English education. I would like to learn how to work with people from different backgrounds. I hope to improve my speaking and listening skills. For me it is interesting to be in the classroom and to be able to listen and know how my classmates think about different subjects. Sometimes it is a completely different perspective to my own, and that gives me reason to think about it. I hope to socialise with local people, learn new things and explore more cultures.


Seang Sothearith

I am currently a freshman majoring in Architecture at Royal University of Fine Arts (RUFA). I look forward to learning how to work in a team and grow as a leader. I am certain this opportunity will improve my leadership and communication skills, and give me new experiences. Being an Ambassador has many challenges, but I am ready to tackle any situation that comes my way.


Chhay Monypichrachana

I study at Royal University of Fine Arts (RUFA). Being an ASA is like stepping into another chapter of life and accepting new challenges. I hope being an ASA will change me to be a more mature person and help me find myself.


Koun Sengsambath

I am a student at the Institute of Foreign Languages. Through this program, I hope to improve my self-confidence, gain leadership skills, build achievements, meet great people, work effectively with my teammates, and contribute to society. Moreover, in this program, I can challenge myself and try something different to unleash my potential for my future career.

ACE Student Ambassadors 2017-2018 Generation

Davongnearyroth Hak

I am 17-years old and I am currently a student at the Royal University of Law and Economics. Being selected as an ASA has given me a better understanding of social issues, as well as expanded my relationships. I have enjoyed working with my team members because we can improve our leadership skills, take on new responsibilities, and become more compassionate. Being an ASA has not only given me great experiences, but it also taught me to try something new.


Reaksmey An

By being an ACE Student Ambassador has given me a lot of experiences such as communicating with other people, working in groups, problems solving and developing leadership skills. All of those experiences have helped me to improve myself and change my bad habits to become a better person. Moreover, it is the best way to create meaningful moments in my life.


Thyrak Ly

I'm a freshman at University of Health Sciences, majoring in dentistry. As an ASA I have experienced many beneficial improvements, including being more self-disciplined and in the future I hope to develop my communication skills. Being ASA is more than just being a volunteer, and I've managed to push myself through things that I'd never thought I could do.


Sophanith Hann

I'm currently a freshman at IFL and CamEd. Improving my teamwork skill and my leadership skill are my goals as an ASA. It gives me the opportunity to challenge myself to be better and open up a clear picture of what the modern world is really like.


Srey Pin Chea

Currently, I am majoring in International Studies at Institute of Foreign Languages. Being selected as one of the ACE Student Ambassadors (ASA) is a huge honour for me, and during the journey I have encountered lots of new experiences such as leaderships and partnerships. The skills that I expect to learn will help me become a person who is confident to build and prepare for my future.


Kimleng Seng

My experience as an ACE Student Ambassador so far has been great. The moment I got an email from school, telling me that I was picked to be one of the ambassadors I was overflowing with joy. During my mandate as an ASA, I look forward to develop my leadership skills and communication skills. This is going to be a great opportunity to shape my future and become a better person. All in all, it’s an honour for me to be a part of this prestigious group, and I am sure to make this year, of being an ASA, memorable and unforgettable.


Thida Eng

Currently, I am studying at University of Economics and Finance. I was astonished to know I was selected as an ASA. I have been able to learn from different mates who come from different backgrounds. Lately, I have become more organized and planned. Based on these past months, I can see that when it comes to the end of my mandate, I will improve my leadership skills because there are many good leaders who are willing to share their experiences and teach us.


Monyneat Chean

I am currently a high school student at Beltei. Despite the difficulties, it has shaped and inspired me to become a better person. I have learned more about the importance of teamwork by taking part in numerous events which has entirely changed my perspective on social work. During this program, I hope to meet new people, improve my leadership as well as time management skills. It gives me chances to get out of my comfort zone and face different challenges which are important for me as a student.


Kimheng Rith

Being an ASA gives me the tremendous opportunity to get out of my comfort zone by doing something that I have never done before in my life. Furthermore, I am able to learn and develop my soft skills, such as leadership, teamwork, cooperation, discipline and communication to then utilize them for the job market in the future. Plus, having this position will not only help my development, but also our societies’.


Teksim Tang

Being an ASA is a great way for me to improve every aspect of my English skills. At the same time, I also improve my leadership and responsibilities. I knew from the beginning that being selected as an ASA is a great start to my journey in life.


Kimlong Kong

By being selected as an ASA, I have met a lot of nice people and they have become like a family to me. I have improved many things, especially leadership and management skills. After participating in plenty of ACE events, I feel that I have become more sociable and confident. Roses are red, violets are blue, ACE provides the best English education for you.


Channarith Kin

I’m a student at RUPP. I’m enthusiastic and honoured to be selected as an ACE student ambassador.  I expect that it will help me to improve my management and leadership skills. Being an ASA has developed me because I have to work with new people at every event I attend; therefore, I can improve my communication skills and feel more confident to talk with strangers. Moreover, I can help the community at the same time because most of the events at ACE are charities.


Virakyuth Yang

I am an AIS student and I’m 16 years old. So far I've enjoyed working with new friends, learning new things and sharing stories about our lives. I'm excited to tackle the challenges ahead as it's fun and uncomfortable, but pushes us to be closer to wherever we're going. After all, that's how we, as humans, grow through mentally and physically demanding times. 


Khuth Zanine

Imagine taking an unexpected trip to an unexpected place by a bus filled with joyful people. Along the way you meet the righteous types of friends who act as one, as family and eventually guide you to a beautiful path where you reach eye-opening experiences and a gain a lifetime of memories. You will be filled with knowledge and satisfaction– that's how it feels like, being a part of ACE Student Ambassadors. ACE is that one family that guides me to the right path with my fellow ASA’s who are generous, motivated and inspirational.


Tep Khemarin Chan

I’m currently studying at Future Bright International School. Representing ACE is the highest honour that I’ve ever been given. Adaptability and self-motivation are 2 main skills, among many other skills, that I hope to gain from this experience. Not only does being an ASA help me with my personal growth, but it also impacts who I will be in the future.


Seang Y Aing

I'm majoring in business and accounting, and I really enjoy exploring all the different fields it has to offer. Little did I know that many practical opportunities this school give me a chance to follow my dream. I'm excited for this year because I know it will be filled with opportunities to learn and grow, not only for me but for everyone around me as well. I'm so happy and grateful to be a part of the ambassador team.


Sopheak Um

Joining the ACE student ambassador team has been a life-changing experience. I have the opportunity to share my ideas with the Social Committee in the organization of various charity events. I have gained so many valuable experiences as I have always been assigned different roles, which allows me to have a better understanding of what makes a good leader and prepares me for my future career, as a leader in an organization. The most exciting part about being an ASA is that my teammates support me when I am introduced to a new task by giving me a warm and welcoming feeling. I have met so many incredibly talented people and have learned to be more confident when meeting new people. I can finally say that ACE is my second home.


Seydaduong Them

I am currently a student majoring in pharmacy at University of Health Sciences. My experience as an ASA has been fruitful, empowering and enthusiastic. I have gained many skills such as leadership, communication and the other soft skills. In the future, I will utilize my ASA experiences to involve and inspire the younger generations to be socially -oriented.


Pich chomnan Tauch

I am studying at NUM University and my major is marketing. I also study at IFL. I'm glad to get selected. I look forward to learning communication skills, meeting new people, learning how to work in groups and gain new experiences.


Monika Virak

I am 18 years old and currently I am a student at Institute of Foreign Languages. Being selected as an ASA is such a great achievement. In the last couple months, I already see myself improving a lot in communication because there are many people out there to talk to. Moreover, I am also improving leadership skill because I am always assigned as a leader at most events. However I hope to improve my preparation skills since I am not good at preparing.

ACE Student Ambassadors 2016-2017 Generation

Dy Sereyvoleak 
“My experience at ACE has been incredible. The teachers inspired me and laughed with me. ACE not only taught me general English but I’ve also learned how to become self-sufficient through different types of challenges. Studying at ACE was the best decision my parents have ever made for me.”


Yang Sovicha
“I am so grateful being a student at ACE. I used to feel like I couldn’t use my English as others could; I was about to quit. However, ACE has changed me for the better. I now speak, read, write and listen to English all the time. I have also greatly improved my pronunciation and grammar by studying with experienced teachers. ACE is the best English education centre in Cambodia. It is also the best option to reach your goal.”


Kuong Sokeng
“Want to study abroad? Aim to score high in IELTS? If this is the case, ACE must be the best option for you to improve your English before sitting the IELTS exam. Many tips are waiting for you to discover. Study at ACE and you’ll see what those techniques are.”


Saint Ratana
“I’ve been studying at ACE for five years. Through great teachers and classmates, I’ve received many memories and experiences from this school, including the improvement of academic skills and confidence. ACE has brought the best out of me and changed me to be a better student in school and better citizen in society. I’ve had such a great time with ACE!”


Tep Pungponhaserey
“Ever since my first term at ACE, I have felt that my speaking skills have improved. The reason is that I always practice my speaking with a native English-speaking teacher. My writing skill has also significantly improved. There is still much more to learn here; I love ACE!”


Mann Chan Kavoleak
“I enrolled at ACE because of recommendations from friends. However, after I became an ACE student the amazing results spoke for themselves. I started to notice that my English skills had improved significantly. Most importantly, my speaking skill has improved dramatically.”


Cheang Leeza
“I have been studying at ACE for two years, and this term is my final GEP class. I feel so excited about the IELTS test. If I think about my English classes at ACE, I have to say that I am really satisfied with the study materials and classroom environment. It is also fantastic to be taught by fresh, friendly, intelligent and professional teachers that I meet every term.”


Ly Neng
“It’s amazing how quickly I have improved my English ability by studying at ACE. It helps lead me to a better college and social life. It has also taught me how to approach professors and communicate with people. I used to be a shy English speaker with no confidence. However, after I got involved in the GEP program, I realised that my weakness has become my strength.”


Ly Nory
“It’s a highly productive journey learning English at ACE. From the beginning, I felt extremely comfortable. I have been confident of receiving a first-class education at ACE. I have been studying for more than three years at ACE, and now I’m taking the Diploma program. I’m genuinely impressed by the courses available in the program, which will be absolutely vital for students in the future. Thanks ACE for the first-rate classes.”


Taing Sivmey 
“After taking a few Diploma courses, I found that I had improved a lot. I love the Public Speaking and Debate courses the most because it has made me more confident. I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to pursue the ACE Diploma program.”


Chan Physreylinh
“Two years ago, when I first join ACE, I was so insecure. At ACE, I have gained more confidence, and I have obtained more knowledge than I originally thought possible. I have also met more friends than I ever imagined. Applying for the ACE Ambassador program was one of the most crucial decisions in my life, and I will never regret it.”


Samkol Chansereyneath
“My time with ACE has not been long. However, I have decided to be flexible and frank. Learning at ACE has taught me much more than just the lessons from the text books. It has also taught me to be an independent student.”


Bo Dalin
“I used to lack confidence when I spoke English. However, after enrolling at ACE, I have gained a lot more confidence. I have also met many people here. They taught me how to be confident, and they taught me to be optimistic. They encouraged me to stop saying that ‘I can’t do it’. Choosing ACE is one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made.”


Huy Panhavorn
“Although I only study at ACE three times a week, the school has taught me more than other places. ACE has given me a lot that others schools haven’t. What I have gained from ACE is not just English skills but also brothers, sisters and best friends.”


Soeng Chandara 
“I have been an ACE student for about two years. I have not only learned from books but also from other experiences through my involvement with the school. I have learned soft skills, leadership skills and, time and stress management skills thanks to all the intelligent teachers who taught me and my classmates. I have also been given access to resources in the GILC to improve my IELTS score. I am very pleased to be a part of ACE.

Lek Mouy Houng
To me, being an ACE Student Ambassador is really great. I wish to help my school as well as to improve myself. It is not really possible to describe my feelings right now. It's totally mixed. First, I feel so excited to be selected. And after all, I am really joyful to know all my group ASA members. They all are really kind, funny, and easy-going people. Likewise, they like doing something unexpected just make everyone laugh. Moreover, I get to know a lot about communication skills. Last but not least, I'm so happy to know all of you guys. And hope we will be as a big family.
Key Sokhuy
Being selected as an ACE Student Ambassador makes me feel proud and delighted at the same time because this offers me a priceless opportunity to develop myself in things such as leadership skills as well as self-independence. Last but not least, I get to interact with amazing people and cooperate with them which could strengthen our friendship and also build our communicating skills.
Sok Kimleng
It’s tremendously surprising to be selected as an ACE Student Ambassador since it is an unexpected outcome. In whatever manner, it's such an incredible success which I owe to my mom. Anyway, I am bound to be a lovely guide to all ACE students.
Vanly Keomuda
Being selected as an ACE Student Ambassador is a tremendous pleasure for me. Now that I am one of the ASA members, I hope that I will be a good connector and a great help for ACE as well as for my schoolmates. During my mandate as an ASA, I wish to be an inspirational character and to motivate youngsters in being more involved with the social activities. What I wish to get back from this honourable experience are leadership skilsl, the ability to adapt to a team work environment, and also to overcome my fear of public speaking and making new friends. All in all, as an ASA I promise to give the school my commitment and be the voice of other students also to make sure that their voices will be heard.
Khy Bunhour
Reflecting back, I am absolutely delighted to be selected in this second mandate of ACE Student Ambassadors (ASA). Having been inspired by the remarkable achievements together with the team spirit of the former ASAs, I encouraged myself to apply for this position. Frankly, many applicants studying in various levels have challenged one another for this priceless opportunity, and so have I. Despite the intricate and challenging selection process, I felt confident enough to be through to the final stage where I am standing now. Again, I finally made it. Last of all, I expect not only to widen my horizons but also create a memorable atmosphere among the ASA family in this upcoming program. I look forward to cooperating with ASA members as soon as possible.
Khiev Dawin
I am glad to be selected as an ACE Student Ambassadors 2015-2016 and I expect that it will help me to gain confidence, experience and a chance to know about the school. Through this program I look forward to developing leadership skills, sharing my positive experience and creating memories with other students. I will try my best to share my knowledge and I am excited to see where I go from here with the ACE Student Ambassadors.
Lim Ing Chhorng
It’s genuinely a dream comes true to be selected as an ACE Student Ambassador. I could not more thrilled to be a part of this amazing family. I’m ridiculously enthusiastic to start another chapter of my life and gain precious knowledge as well as incomparably valuable experiences during this journey. I promise to deliver as much effort as possible to the team and projects because after all, hard work often pays off.
Hour Sopheana
After I received an e-mail from ACE that I was selected to be an ACE Student Ambassador 2015-2016, I was very excited and I almost could not breathe properly. I've never thought that I could make it through the final round since I didn't have much confidence in myself about my English skills on this challenge. In contrast, it was different from what I expected and I became a Student Ambassador successfully. Hence, I will try all the best I can to contribute and commit to this honourable duty.
Keo Pich Pisey
I am grateful and honoured to be selected as one of the ACE Student Ambassadors for this prestigious role. It means that ACE trusts me to promote the school in the best possible light. When I found out that I was chosen, I was absolutely thrilled. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to be involved in my school and establish connections that could change my life. I am so excited to see where I go from here as an ACE student Ambassador.
Ko Pichpanha
Since being a member of the ACE Student Ambassadors 2015-2016 is a great opportunity to illustrate my ability and build up new academic experiences, I feel very proud and delighted to be selected. I will have chance to be a role model for ACE Students. Furthermore, being involved in this task does not mean to represent your own self, but the school and all pupils. Hence, I am really excited.
Nou Ratha
Being recruited as a member of the ACE Student ambassadors 2015-2016 is one of the most extraordinary life changing experiences. As an ACE Student Ambassador, we need to be emotional, intelligent, patient, a role model and be open-minded. Every step you take each time, you need to consider carefully because others need to follow your lead and depend on your insistence. Most importantly, we, as the Student Ambassadors, need to have commitment, passion and enthusiasm towards work so that we can provide the experience and memorable time together and as well as the other volunteers.
Tham Sokhak
It’s great having the opportunity to work with so many different people, working with other ambassadors, working with students and ACE staff. Being a Student Ambassador means that I’m improving my abilities and skills that will be useful in other work.
Ly Nory
I felt extremely excited when I received an email from country director of IDP and ACE that I am selected as an ACE student ambassador 2015-2016. It is such an unexpected result. I never thought that it would happen on me and I was hopeless about what my result will be, but when the result announced, it did surprise me. Honestly, I would like to thank to our country director for giving me this amazing opportunity and I will try all my best to do this job with our beloved teammates.
Peou Puthika
The moment when I received an email from the IDP Country Director stating that I was selected as an ASA 2015-2016, I was so astonished and felt over the moon. It was an indescribable feeling. ASA has been my desirable program which I have always been tempted to take part in. I couldn't believe that I can make it today. Henceforth, I am going to grab this marvellous opportunity perfectly and take this rare chance to upgrade my self-esteem as well as my self-confidence.
Horng Socheata
I'm over the moon at being designated as an ACE Student Ambassador 2015-2016 on account of I've always looked forward to be part of this program. I've never fantasised that I will be chosen since I have so many lacking points. Anyway, I will try my best to improve those and hopefully to get lots of prerequisites from this program.
Bou Bunty
My heart skipped a beat when I unexpectedly received the congratulating email from ACE. I cannot wait to learn so many precious things this year from the ACE Student Ambassadors Program. Leadership skills, communication skills and social services are among them, but most importantly, I cannot wait to keep all of my fellow ACE students educationally entertained.
Bunthon Phosdey
At first, I couldn't believe that I got to be a 2015-2016 ACE Student Ambassador. After I read the email from the Country Director himself, I felt excited and overwhelmed, like this was one of the happiest moments of my life and it undoubtedly will change my life in every aspect. I felt the duty of what I must do to fulfil the title and to be as good as my incredible seniors (ASA 2014-2015).
Khema Vatey
I undeniably feel super excited knowing that being a member of this prestigious program called ACE Student Ambassadors will tremendously help better my long-built soft skills an even more advanced level. Plus, I am definitely sure that throughout this whole year, I will be able to not only obtain but also practice diversities of skills and experiences constantly. I really look forward to working with these dynamic, potential, and upbeat youths and making unforgettable and positive outcomes to ACE, my most beloved English school ever.
Saley Sivheng
As you can tell, student ambassadors are carefully selected based on grades, personality, character, and communication skills, so to be selected as an ACE Student Ambassadors 2015-2016 means that I am trusted by ACE that I have enough ability to be in this position and it makes me feel really proud and excited. Moreover, being a part of this program, which I always wished to experience once in my life, will strengthen my confidence and interpersonal communication skills that are really useful in all aspects of life.
Nang Sreynich
To be honest, after I got an e-mail saying that I was selected as an ACE Student Ambassador, I felt incredible since I can definitely have a deeply rewarding opportunity. It is an amazing emotion being a student ambassador. I will have great chances to develop my weak skills. Also, it is one of the best positions for meeting people and having fun.
Rin Phivong
I was so happy being selected as an ACE Student Ambassador. It was a wonderful chance for me. I felt this is going to be a great opportunity to work with many people from different backgrounds, and I will be able to help not only my school but also the society.
1.Huyling Sar, GEP 9A
“The one thing that I’m planning to achieve during my term as a student ambassador is leadership. I hope that I will become a great leader with creativity and skill.”
2.Raksa Pheng, GEP11A
“The important contributions I can provide to the ACE student Ambassador Program are my commitment, my time, my energy and my professionalism. My ideas and my voice are very important in the role because I have to communicate with a lot of people and share my ideas in a group or in public.”
3.Chandavya Ing, EAP8
“I am very pleased to be selected as an ACE Student Ambassador because this will be a practical experience that will let me get involved in many different types of working environments and strengthen my communication skills.”
4.Chhum Kannika , EAP3
“I expect that I can aid both ACE and IDP when there are events that need students involved in various activities. I can have more of a chance to improve my English skills in a fun and effective way.”
5.Lao Chhunhong, EAP3
“Flashing back to my reaction, when I received an email to confirm that I was officially selected as an ACE Student Ambassador, after the whole intricate procedure of selection, I was over the moon as it was a tremendous achievement. Interestingly enough, before being selected, this program had already taught me to have self-confidence, which means that no matter what obstacles I may face, once I have confidence, I will overcome them sooner or later.”
6.Nuon Sonisa, EAP 3
“I’m planning to gain even more confidence as well as expand my communication and leadership skills. I believe my role as a student ambassador will strengthen my public speaking and presentation skills, which are invaluable skills and are highly relevant for a position of leadership for my study and career in the future. Specifically, I also plan to engage myself in initiating action, providing guidance, taking responsibility, and communicating effectively through this program and my position.”
7.Sokcheng Thai, EAP6
“I expect to grab work experience from this program that improves my leading, communicating and problem solving skills, and strengthens my confidence while speaking in front of a number of people.”
8.Sopheak Tum
“There are two important things I want to achieve during my term as a student ambassador. Firstly, I want to change myself by improving my weaknesses and strengthening my English skills through every single activity I get involved in. My second plan is to enhance the quality of study at ACE in terms of sharing more information with students.”
9.Tony Hor, Business Writing 3 Advanced
“Being an ACE Ambassador is a great opportunity for me. One of my expectations is building skills, knowledge and experience to make myself ready for ASEAN Integration in 2015. Additionally, I want to build my social capital in order to live and work in the modern and developing world. I also expect to learn many new things through this program and I personally hope that I can meet, and work with new friends who are also ACE staff and other participants.”
10.Yin Kokcheng
“I am really excited to be selected as an ACE Student Ambassador for 2014-2015 and excited for getting to know the other ACE Student Ambassadors. I feel relieved after going through an intense selection process and I am now ready to face the challenges. I would like to take this opportunity to give heartfelt thanks to ACE for initiating this program which will be a great mechanism to interactively engage students and enrich various student activities.”
11.Dadara Thea, GEP 11A
“I will attempt to obtain a lot of benefits like improving my communication skills which are crucial for working and studying, building self-confidence to work as an individual or in a group, working with people in the government sector and ACE, working with young people full of ideas, effort, and knowledge, I believe it is urgent to build my ability for these and be capable to carry them out for further development.”
12.Vong Sambath, GEP 11B
“Being selected as an ACE Student Ambassador for 2014-2015, I feel that it is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me to fulfil my dream to become a successful person in the future. It is enormous and fantastic for my family and me. I am both excited and nervous to have that position.”
13.Koy Rathanak Monique, GEP 11A
“My expectations are to deliver a good message for ACE, to be a good role model to inspire youngsters to follow in my footstep because not a lot of kids at my age are keen to do things like this, and to have the REAL experience from this working environment.”