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 Country Director - Mr Mao Sreng​

Mr Mao Sreng works in a number of industries and sectors, including business and entrepreneurship, aid and development project management, language education, scholarship and international education interfacing with the business community, UN/donor agencies, civil society organisations, Cambodian and foreign government ministries/agencies. Sreng is educated in Cambodia, Australia, and holds a Master of Public Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellon University, Pennsylvania, USA. He is the Convener of the annual CamTESOL Conference series and the annual Global Alumni Convention series. Sreng has been with IDP Education/ACE since 2000.

 Principal - Mr Ashley Irving​

Ashley joined ACE in June 2012 as Principal. A native Australian from Melbourne, Ashley holds degrees in mathematics, business and linguistics as well as an International Diploma of Language Teaching Management from the University of Queensland (RSA/Cambridge ESOL). After a twenty-year career in corporate banking culminating in a position as Associate Director at Rothschild Bank, Ashley decided that ELT would be more fun. Since then he has worked in the ELT industry for twelve years, including a two and a half-year stint in Brazil and Argentina where he learnt that he just can’t dance. Before taking his position with ACE, Ashley was Director of Studies and Admin Manager at the Access Language Centre in Sydney, and Teaching Centre Manager with AMES in Sydney.​

 ACE Phnom Penh Santhor Mok Campus Manager – Mr Chanreaksmey Mech​

Reaksmey joined ACE in 2013 as a teacher after graduating from the Institute of Foreign Languages in 2012. He has over 13 years of experience in the English teaching field and has held various positions in the management team at ACE. In 2018, he received a scholarship from the Australian government to study at the University of Queensland (UQ), and graduated in 2020 with a Master of Educational Studies, specialing in leadership and teacher professional development. Reaksmey then returned to ACE as a Training Coordinator, and in 2022, he was promoted as Santhor Mok Campus Manager. Reaksmey has been involved in induction programs for teachers and students, PD activities, MoEYS’ Teacher Training Project, CamTESOL, and ACE Tips Sharing Series. He was also a 2022 Ambassador of the Australia Awards Scholarship, mentoring fellow applicants and promoting this developmental opportunity around Cambodia. Reaksmey has also been elected to be a Vice Chair of the Australian Alumni Association of Cambodia (AAA-C), actively promoting the relationship between Cambodia and Australia and the engagement among Australian alumni.​

 ACE Siem Reap Campus Manager – Ms Raninn Sinketh

Raninn joined ACE in August 2012 as a teacher of English at Siem Reap campus. Back then she was the first female Cambodian teacher to join the Siem Reap team and later became a lead teacher of the Young Learners' Program in 2015. In her time as a lead teacher, she was a passionate learner and sharer who contributed to curriculum and professional development of the team. She has also started pursuing a master degree in Business Administration and being more involved in the management team at Siem Reap campus. She then became an acting campus manager at Siem Reap campus in 2020 and a campus manager one year later.​

 ACE Phnom Penh Samdech Pan Campus Manager – Mr Ratana Chheang

Ratana joined ACE Siem Reap in 2013 as a teacher after six years in the education field at other institutions. He was then promoted to Lead Teacher in 2017. Ratana has presented at ELT conferences such as CamTESOL and represented ACE at the 2018 TEFLIN conference in Indonesia. He was the Southeast Asia recipient of the FY21 Maher El Bakry Emerging Leaders Award from IDP Global, completing courses with the Global Leadership Team and an overseas course in Singapore. Ratana pursued his Master's Degree in Education at the University of Sydney in Sydney, Australia, under the Australia Awards Scholarship in 2022. He continued to contribute to the education sector by working at IDP in Sydney as an IELTS invigilator and ELICOS teacher for ReadyTeacher, Greenwich College, and Mercury Colleges. He then became a teacher, mentor, and course syllabus designer at Lonsdale Institute in Sydney. In August, Ratana returned to ACE as a Management Trainee and was promoted to Campus Manager at ACE Samdech Pan in October 2023. Beyond campus operations, he has played a vital role in IDP's International Education Tour and ACE Tips Sharing Series.

 ACE Phnom Penh Tuol Tom Poung Campus Manager – Ms Sokheng Panhchaneath​

Panhchaneath joined ACE as a teacher in 2016. Since then she has held the positions of Management trainee and Academic Coordinator before being promoted to her current position as a Campus Manager at ACE Tuol Tom Poung Campus. She has been in the education industry for over 7 years, and she holds a Bachelor of Education from the Royal University of Phnom Penh and a Master of TESOL from the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Her professional interest lies in school management, teacher’s professional development and educational technologies. She has conducted many professional development training sessions for teachers and has presented in different ELT conferences, both locally and internationally.

 ACE Phnom Penh Tuol Kork Campus Manager – Mr Thanin Yous

Thanin joined ACE in September 2011 as a teacher. Since then, he has been in several roles: Assistant Resources Manager, GEP Lead Teacher and currently Campus Manager at ACE Tuol Kork. His experiences in the ELT field include teaching English for over 10 years, working in management positions, as well as coordinating and presenting at both local and international ELT conferences. During his employment at ACE, Thanin was awarded a scholarship by the New Zealand government through NZAS to pursue a 2-year master’s degree in Educational Leadership at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. He graduated and returned back to work at ACE in 2017. Thanin is passionate about the field because he believes that English is not just the language for communication, but also for pursuing higher education, receiving scholarships and job opportunities.​

 ACE Phnom Penh Chak Angre Campus Manager – Ms Thida Sok​

Thida joined ACE in February 2015 as the campus manager of the ACE Tuol Tom Poung Campus. She has more than six years of teaching experience in English language training and teacher training. Prior to her position with ACE, she was a lecturer at the Institute of Foreign Languages, Royal University of Phnom Penh. While working there, she was awarded a recognition certificate of the most outstanding performance in "Teaching Methodology" subject four years consecutively. Thida received her Bachelor degree of Education in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from the Institute of Foreign Languages in 2006 and her Master degree of Education in ESL/Bilingual/Multicultural Education from the University of Massachusetts, USA, in 2009.​