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ACE’s comprehensive Young Learners’ Program (YL) is specifically designed for adolescent students from 11 to 14 years of age. The program is conducted part-time. The full duration of the program is 15 terms (3.75 years). Young students take a placement test and the outcome of the test determines their English level for ACE (from Elementary to Intermediate). As most young students already know some English when they arrive at ACE, few need to follow the full program from YL levels 1 to 15. When the young students in the program turn 15 years of age, they automatically move into the ACE General English Program (GEP) at the appropriate level.

Program Features

The ACE Young Learners' Program offers students the opportunity to learn English while they consolidate and broaden their knowledge and understanding of themselves and the world. This is achieved by linking their English language learning to broader educational goals with direct connections to other school subjects such as geography, history, science and social science. This provides ACE’s young learners with an authentic reason for communicating in English in their classroom.

This program reflects young students’ own lives, personal interests and studies, making it the most accessible and relevant program available to young learners in Cambodia today. ACE’s young learners are encouraged to think critically. The program engages children in a variety of fun learning experiences using a wide range of English language skills through many creative, educational and fun activities and themes. During each lesson, the students practice English in many interesting ways though group work, question and answer, research projects and presentations, puzzles, songs and other learning activities, including educational games to develop their skills. Computers are used to enhance their learning and give them the skills needed for study in the twenty-first century. In this way they become well-rounded, confident English language users.


ACE uses an innovative and engaging series of textbooks for the Young Learners’ Program.  This series ensures the students receive a solid foundation in the language with all macro-skills: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking, as well as grammar, incorporated into the lessons. Their learning also involves internet research for projects and presentations, art production, drama and music. The material requires students to perform various communicative language tasks to ensure that they can remember and, most importantly, use the skills they learn in a supportive environment when they are outside the classroom.

Class Size

A maximum of 22 students is permitted in the Young Learners Program.

Teachers on the Program

Students are taught by Cambodian national and native English-speaking teachers, depending on their level. Higher levels are taught exclusively by native English-speaking teachers. All ACE teachers have at least a university degree and professional qualifications in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and use modern methodology in their classes along with the best of traditional approaches.  They receive regular focused professional development to keep them up-to-date with specialised teaching methods for young learners. ACE students receive individual attention from their teachers.


Upon completion, students graduate from the Young Learners’ Program with a certificate and advance to the appropriate level in ACE’s General English Program.